Freedom from pain

“Not only has the pain almost disappeared, but the relaxation techniques, stretches and great advice from James has massively improved my wellbeing.”

Acupuncture for emotional wellbeing

“James has been absolutely amazing, he is so knowledgable, calm and friendly and helped me to learn so much about myself. Needless to say he has drastically improved my symptoms and helped me to get my life back. I couldn’t recommend him enough!”

I have been treating people for the last 5 years and I don’t believe you should have to live with chronic pain. I typically treat conditions that have been present for many years, whether it’s a stiff / immobile neck stopping you from driving, back pain that affects sleep, work or just getting about or even migraines that strike out of nowhere, these can all respond amazingly well.

James Davidson


I left the corporate world in 2013 to become an acupuncturist, successfully treating people with a wide range of conditions. Read more about my training, qualifications and history here.

Acupuncture Diagnosis


Read about some of the people I’ve helped with a variety of conditions such as anxiety, stress and painful conditions. Many had been suffering for a long time and found acupuncture to be a great help.

Acupuncture Treatment


Find out about all the practicalities of coming for treatment. How to find the clinic, how often you should come for treatment and how many appointments you might need. How much will it cost, insurance etc.

The process starts with a free consultation, book yours now.