Khalid came to see me for chronic neck and shoulder pain which had been present for 18 months and had not responded to conventional treatment. Treatment consisted of using a mix of distal acupuncture (using points away for the site of the injury), Chinese cupping and local massage. I also advised on suitable stretches and diet changes to support healing. Khalid’s issues were resolved in 7 treatments.

“James really knows his stuff. Its obvious when talking to him that he’s been on quite a journey himself through Traditional Chinese Medicine with specialism in pain relief, and has built a deep knowledge of how to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability. I came to him with chronic neck/shoulder pain and swelling, having already been to a physiotherapist and pain specialist over the last year and a half through my private health cover, but which hadn’t resolved the issue. James immediately realised the problem was constriction, stiffness and tightness in a specific area of my neck and shoulder. His treatment was acupuncture, stretching and massage, plus he advised on good nutrition in order to fortify my blood, and of the importance of trying to manage stress at work. It felt like the `whole` in a holistic approach that I needed. All I can say is that IT WORKED and I`m now pain free! It was also impressive that it happened in exactly the 6-7 treatments that James said it would take – showing to me that he offers a genuine, honest, and good value for money practice.”