John came to see me with generalised fatigue, malaise, a general sadness and a feeling that he had been cut off from the things that he enjoyed in life. This is an example of how valuable the diagnostic tools and medical framework within Chinese medicine are in formulating treatment plans. Where there are no obvious issues, practitioners trained in Chinese medicine will work through a detailed set of diagnostic questions and will also examine the patients pulse and tongue for diagnostic information.

When taken together, this enables a picture to be built up of which systems are compromised, or out of balance, and it is then for the practitioner to formulate an approach. In Chinese medicine this is not prescriptive and different practitioners will treat in different ways. In this case I decided to focus on treating what I had diagnosed as the primary constitutional imbalance which was at the root of all the other symptoms. Treatment lasted 3 months and 18 sessions.

“James is a skilled and thoughtful practitioner. He used acupuncture to help with my chronic problems, which are so vague and diffuse that regular doctors cannot cope. One day I looked up and found that I was much better.”