This case study illustrates how effective acupuncture can be for long term chronic conditions. Pam came to see me for chronic migraines that had been present for most of her adult life and had continued into her 50’s. The migraines came on with very little notice and resulted in vomiting, vision issues and prolonged periods where the only relief was to lay in a darkened room. This was severely impacting her work and social life and she was desperate to try anything that could help.

Treatments were carried out over 9 sessions and the focus was to clear systemic stagnation, subdue and clear systemic heat and to strengthen the constitution. A thorough review of contributory lifestyle and dietary factors were carried out to eliminate or reduce ‘trigger’ foods (such as chocolate, alcohol, spicy foods) and to introduce foods to cool, nourish and strengthen her system. Below are extracts from a lovely email I had from Pam thanking me for the treatment.


“Just wanted to give you a couple of updates. Firstly, I haven’t had a migraine since March when I was in Cambodia…I’m loving the freedom, and feeling less concerned when I go out for a day or weekend, that I’m going to be struck down by a migraine… I believe it was the treatment that I received, so want to say ‘Thank you’ to you.