Barbara came to see me for a combination of issues that were primarily rooted in feeling stressed and worried a lot of the time. This was resulting in muscle tension and pain as well as sleep issues. The treatment approach was to reduce tension in the neck and shoulder area using acupuncture, cupping and massage and other acupuncture points that released systemic tension and stagnation When emotional stress and tension are released systemically, the whole body and mind benefits. This then promotes a greater sense of well-being and a virtuous cycle begins where each treatment builds on the next to maintain and develop a deeper sense of what it is to feel well. Treatment lasted four months (15 sessions) and resulted in lasting change.

“I went to see James Davidson, via recommendation, to get treatment for poor sleep, tension in my neck and shoulders and to improve my general feeling of well-being. I have been having regular treatments now for the past four months and I can honestly say how much better I am. My sleep pattern has improved and any tension has all but disappeared. I feel so much better and brighter in myself.”

Barbara, Camberley