An existing patient of mine came to see me suffering from a sinus blockage and irritation which had occurred after he had a spell at doing open water swimming as part of a drive to improve fitness. It made hims sound like he had a permanent cold.

In Chinese medicine it is said that the Lungs open into the nose and that the lung system is particularly vulnerable to attack from external pathogens. In this case the Chinese medical diagnosis was that the lung system had been invaded by external cold and damp resulting in a weakening of the lung function and accumulation of fluid in the sinuses. The fact that cold damp had not penetrated into the lower respiratory tract, which could cause conditions like bronchitis, was a good thing and so the treatment approach was to strengthen the lung function, and to clear and expel damp.

Given the patient was in good overall health otherwise and the pathogen has not travelled deep into the system, the prognosis was to treat weekly for 2/3 weeks to see how quickly the pathogen could be expelled. On the first treatment, the sinuses cleared completely but after 4 days, the issue returned. Treatment two was carried out a week later and a further session booked two weeks later. The third session was cancelled by the patient as his condition had completely cleared up and so no further treatment was needed. I will see the patient from time to time for maintenance treatments.