James came to see me with a host of symptoms that, despite all available tests, were left undiagnosed by conventional medicine. This was very alarming to James as he felt so unwell that he couldn’t understand why the rigorous and wide-ranging tests were not providing any insight into his illness.

I was able to reassure James that his symptoms could be explained by Chinese medicine and I talked through the patterns that had been established and how these were resulting in the symptoms he was experiencing. I then formulated a treatment plan that involved acupuncture as well as life style changes (diet, exercise, relaxation). Treatment took place regularly over a 6 month period and resulted in an overall improvement to James’s health which is maintained by occasional top up treatments.

“I had complex health problems for over 6 years and I’d seen specialists, doctors and alternative therapies without any real success.

My mother-in-law recommended James as he had done wonders for her sciatic pain. When you’re in pain and discomfort it is worth pursuing all avenues to try to resolve health issues. James spent the time to understand my health history and he gave me confidence that he would be able to help me. After the first session, I saw improvement which was amazed me as my health was declining month-on-month.

After a few sessions, I really started to feel the benefits both physically as well as emotionally. I would recommend anyone to see James if they’ve got a health issue that they can’t resolve with traditional western medicine. ”

James, Basingstoke