Khalid came to see me for chronic neck and shoulder pain which had been present for 18 months and had not responded to conventional treatment. Treatment consisted of using a mix of distal acupuncture (using points away for the site of the injury), Chinese cupping and local massage. I also advised on suitable stretches and diet changes to support healing. Khalid’s issues were resolved in 7 treatments.

“James really knows his stuff. Its obvious when talking to him that he’s been on quite a journey himself through Traditional Chinese Medicine with specialism in pain relief, and has built a deep knowledge of how to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability. I came to him with chronic neck/shoulder pain and swelling, having already been to a physiotherapist and pain specialist over the last year and a half through my private health cover, but which hadn’t resolved the issue. James immediately realised the problem was constriction, stiffness and tightness in a specific area of my neck and shoulder. His treatment was acupuncture, stretching and massage, plus he advised on good nutrition in order to fortify my blood, and of the importance of trying to manage stress at work. It felt like the `whole` in a holistic approach that I needed. All I can say is that IT WORKED and I`m now pain free! It was also impressive that it happened in exactly the 6-7 treatments that James said it would take – showing to me that he offers a genuine, honest, and good value for money practice.”


This case study illustrates how effective acupuncture can be for long term chronic conditions. Pam came to see me for chronic migraines that had been present for most of her adult life and had continued into her 50’s. The migraines came on with very little notice and resulted in vomiting, vision issues and prolonged periods where the only relief was to lay in a darkened room. This was severely impacting her work and social life and she was desperate to try anything that could help.

“Just wanted to give you a couple of updates. Firstly, I haven’t had a migraine since March when I was in Cambodia…I’m loving the freedom, and feeling less concerned when I go out for a day or weekend, that I’m going to be struck down by a migraine… I believe it was the treatment that I received, so want to say ‘Thank you’ to you.”


Tom came to see me for Plantar Fasciitis which was causing him a lot of distress. This is a great example of how using points away from the site of the injury (distal acupuncture) can be remarkably effective. Just to underline the point, no acupuncture needles were inserted into the foot but in the hand! Tom’s issues were fully resolved in six treatments.

“I would very much like to thank you for the amazing results when treating my plantar fasciitis.Having heard from a third party that acupuncture may help I sought help from James as I had been suffering for several months. It was very debilitating, unable to walk hardly any distance without acute pain. James is very passionate about what he does and he does it well. I am now out of pain and can walk properly again which I have not been able to do for some considerable time.

I highly recommend James and his work with acupuncture. He is also a very likeable and decent man.

Thank you once again, Tom”


Angus had been suffering from right side pain in the Liver and Gall Bladder area for 18 months. All liver function tests and blood tests were normal and various treatments had no effect on the area. I diagnosed a blockage in a particular acupuncture pathway which was released in 2 treatments.

“18 months of pain. Doctors, chiropractors and osteopaths had had little impact but two sessions with James Davidson have changed everything and I am happy knowing that there is more that we can resolve. Life changing stuff folks.”


James came to see me with a host of symptoms that, despite all available tests, were left undiagnosed by conventional medicine. This was very alarming to James as he felt so unwell that he couldn’t understand why the rigorous and wide-ranging tests were not providing any insight into his illness.

I was able to reassure James that his symptoms could be explained by Chinese medicine and I talked through the patterns that had been established and how these were resulting in the symptoms he was experiencing. I then formulated a treatment plan that involved acupuncture as well as life style changes (diet, exercise, relaxation). Treatment took place regularly over a 6 month period and resulted in an overall improvement to James’s health which is maintained by occasional top up treatments.

“I had complex health problems for over 6 years and I’d seen specialists, doctors and alternative therapies without any real success.

My mother-in-law recommended James as he had done wonders for her sciatic pain. When you’re in pain and discomfort it is worth pursuing all avenues to try to resolve health issues. James spent the time to understand my health history and he gave me confidence that he would be able to help me. After the first session, I saw improvement which was amazed me as my health was declining month-on-month.

After a few sessions, I really started to feel the benefits both physically as well as emotionally. I would recommend anyone to see James if they’ve got a health issue that they can’t resolve with traditional western medicine.”


Barbara came to see me for a combination of issues that were primarily rooted in feeling stressed and worried a lot of the time. This was resulting in muscle tension and pain as well as sleep issues. The treatment approach was to reduce tension in the neck and shoulder area using acupuncture, cupping and massage and other acupuncture points that released systemic tension and stagnation When emotional stress and tension are released systemically, the whole body and mind benefits. This then promotes a greater sense of well-being and a virtuous cycle begins where each treatment builds on the next to maintain and develop a deeper sense of what it is to feel well. Treatment lasted four months (15 sessions) and resulted in lasting change.

“I went to see James Davidson, via recommendation, to get treatment for poor sleep, tension in my neck and shoulders and to improve my general feeling of well-being. I have been having regular treatments now for the past four months and I can honestly say how much better I am. My sleep pattern has improved and any tension has all but disappeared. I feel so much better and brighter in myself.”


John came to see me with generalised fatigue, malaise, a general sadness and a feeling that he had been cut off from the things that he enjoyed in life. This is an example of how valuable the diagnostic tools and medical framework within Chinese medicine are in formulating treatment plans. Where there are no obvious issues, practitioners trained in Chinese medicine will work through a detailed set of diagnostic questions and will also examine the patients pulse and tongue for diagnostic information.

When taken together, this enables a picture to be built up of which systems are compromised, or out of balance, and it is then for the practitioner to formulate an approach. In Chinese medicine this is not prescriptive and different practitioners will treat in different ways. In this case I decided to focus on treating what I had diagnosed as the primary constitutional imbalance which was at the root of all the other symptoms. Treatment lasted 3 months and 18 sessions.

“James is a skilled and thoughtful practitioner. He used acupuncture to help with my chronic problems, which are so vague and diffuse that regular doctors cannot cope. One day I looked up and found that I was much better.”


A patient came to see me for chronic neck pain and emotional stress and is an interesting example of how 2 styles of acupuncture can be used to treat both the symptoms and the cause of a problem. In Chinese medicine, disease is classified as having a root (the cause) and a branch (the symptoms), metaphors from nature are often used to help conceptualise the approach to medicine.

The branch of the disease is usually the most visible and distressing for people and in this case was manifesting as chronically tight muscles, tendons and joints in the neck. The root of the issue was in an emotional imbalance resulting in repeated feelings of frustration and anger which in turn caused the sinews and muscles to tighten and become restricted. This type of emotional imbalance (or stress in western terms) is very common and often manifests in tightness in the neck and shoulder region. The repeated anger and frustration also led to state of energy stagnation and lots of internal heat, a bit like a car trying to accelerate away with the handbrake locked on.

The treatment approach was to start to clear the affected area (the branch) of stagnant blood and fluids, to clear heat and relax the muscles. A combination of Chinese cupping and distal acupuncture was used to start the process. In tandem, Five Element points were used to address the root of the problem – anger and frustration. This resulted in a dramatic improvement in both the physical and the emotional well-being of the patient in a relatively short period of time. The patient comes to see me from time to time for top up and rebalancing treatments as needed.

“I have had neck and shoulder pain for years and someone mentioned having acupuncture. I have had four sessions of acupuncture with James and I am pain free. I also feel so much better in myself. James is very professional, and I cannot recommend him enough.”