First of all, a friendly and individualised experience which starts with a short history being taken to understand how a particular condition arose, its specific effects and how it is impacting on day to day living. During this initial conversation I will answer any questions you might have and explain what I think is going on and how I propose to treat the issue.


One of the unique features of my style of practice is that I use acupuncture points away from the main site of the injury to influence blood flow to the area. I will not be using acupuncture needles in sensitive and inflamed areas.

In addition, I use other techniques as needed, these consist of:

  • Electroacupuncture – the use of gentle stimulation to help relax muscles and improve circulation
  • Trigger point release therapy
  • Massage
  • Chinese cupping – the application of small suction cups to release localised stagnation and tension
  • Herbal plasters specially formulated to release stagnation and improve blood flow

Other areas that will be discussed and advised on will be dietary considerations and moderate stretching to help between sessions.


My clinical experience has taught me that the best results are achieved when patients have 2 sessions a week for 2-3 weeks. Each treatment builds on the last, so an initial burst of treatment is the most effective way to relieve pain and start the healing process.

As a general guide, the longer a condition has been present, the more treatment is needed. This does not mean an open-ended commitment, over an initial 6 treatments progress is constantly reviewed and I would be expecting there to be tangible signs of improvement. If I think there are issues preventing acupuncture from working for you or I am not seeing the signs I would normally expect, I will be open about this and discuss the best course of action.


It should be noted on occasion and in the immediate 1-2 days after treatment, issues can get worse before they get better. When blood supply is restored to an area, sensitivity can increase before settling down again.

Acupuncture Treatment


Other factors that can greatly influence outcomes are diet and lifestyle. This can be one of the more challenging areas. For example, pain always involves a level inflammation and certain substances are heating in nature, coffee and alcohol for example. Stress is another key factor. I will highlight any aggravating factors I think are present for discussion and to raise awareness. I will share my own personal experiences of how I have worked in this area myself but am acutely aware of how challenging it can be to make changes.


Initial Consultation (90 mins)


Follow Up Treatment (45 mins)



A number of health insurers will cover acupuncture.


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