Pain can be so restrictive. It can restrict your ability to walk, sit comfortably, sleep, socialise, drive, even going shopping can be a burden. As pain worsens our options are cut down further, pain can become a prison. The goal of my specialist pain clinic is to identify and treat the root cause of your issues and provide you with the knowledge to free you from pain and its restrictions.

Based on several years of treating painful conditions, I have developed a four-step pain programme to get to the root cause of your issues.


Having spent several years treating painful conditions, I have found that there are four key steps to addressing pain and promote healing.

Four step pain programme - step 1

An initial burst of Intensive treatment to reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and kick start the healing process.

Four step pain programme - step 2

Dietary and lifestyle review to identify contributory factors and changes that could support healing.

Four step pain programme - step 3

Targeted stretches will be advised to decompress bones, stretch ligaments, tendons and muscles to improve circulation.

Four step pain programme - step 4

Periodic treatment and ongoing rehabilitation to support recovery and further healing.

I am passionate about helping people in pain and have found this approach to be key in achieving positive clinical outcomes.


Acupuncture works by tapping into the central nervous system and connecting to the brain. Muscles are relaxed and blood vessels widened to increase blood flow to affected areas, blood contains natural anti-inflammatories, pain killers and stem cells that promote healing.


In Chinese medicine, the root cause of most chronic pain is due to stagnation of blood and fluids in an affected area for which there could be several contributing factors.

When we get injured, the body responds by ‘guarding’ the area of injury to protect it. This results in reduced movement and mobility to prevent further injury. With chronic pain, this restriction has set in. Muscles, ligaments and tendons have become permanently shortened and as a result, joints are compressed. Acupuncture will relax the area of injury and targeted stretching will decompress.