I can’t believe how amazing acupuncture is. It has made such a difference to my bursitis it’s almost gone. James is great. First class service explains everything beautifully. I would recommend him every day.

Kay, Farnham

He helped me with a sinus problem I’ve had for 4 months. after 2 treatments it’s completely cleared up. It’s great to breathe properly again. It felt like I had a permanent cold! Thanks once again James.

Brian, Woking

I cannot speak highly enough of James! I have been suffering with ongoing back / neck / shoulder / Sciatica problems for literally years. Within just a handful of sessions the change is amazing. My pain is dramatically reduced and I now have a full range of motion in my neck which my body hasn’t seen for so long. Evening / weekend appointments available too and James is such a lovely guy to boot. I wish I had met him years ago!!

Liz, Farnborough

I have been seeing James for treatment for my chronic migraines. I have been seen by a neurologist and prescribed several medications to manage my condition over the last 3 years, which themselves cause complications and side effects. James has not only reduced the frequency of my migraines significantly, but I am now off the prescribed medication and attending for supportive acupuncture. The treatments are carefully planned each visit and James is very thorough, personable and effective. He has completely helped me where medics could not.

Jo, Guildford

James really knows his stuff. It’s obvious when talking to him that he’s been on quite a journey himself through Traditional Chinese Medicine with specialism in pain relief, and has built a deep knowledge of how to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability. I came to him with chronic neck/shoulder pain and swelling, having already been to a physiotherapist and pain specialist over the last year and a half through my private health cover, but which hadn’t resolved the issue. James immediately realised the problem was constriction, stiffness and tightness in a specific area of my neck and shoulder. His treatment was acupuncture, stretching and massage, plus he advised on good nutrition in order to fortify my blood, and of the importance of trying to manage stress at work. It felt like the `whole` in a holistic approach that I needed. All I can say is that IT WORKED and I`m now pain free! It was also impressive that it happened in exactly the 6-7 treatments that James said it would take – showing to me that he offers a genuine, honest, and good value for money practice.

Khalid, Basingstoke

I would definitely recommend James – he kept me well all last winter with my Raynauds and scleroderma. Just about to book so that I can feel well this winter.

Monica, Farnham

I went to see James Davidson, via recommendation, to get treatment for poor sleep, tension in my neck and shoulders and to improve my general feeling of well-being. I have been having regular treatments now for the past four months and I can honestly say how much better I am. My sleep pattern has improved and any tension has all but disappeared. I feel so much better and brighter in myself.

Barbara, fleet

My foot is thankfully better! Just occasional discomfort, but the constant pain has gone. Such a huge relief to be pain free again.

Lyn, Tongham

I would very much like to thank you for the amazing results when treating my plantar fasciitis. Having heard from a third party that acupuncture may help I sought help from James as I had been suffering for several months. It was very debilitating, unable to walk hardly any distance without acute pain. James is very passionate about what he does and he does it well. I am now out of pain and can walk properly again which I have not been able to do for some considerable time.I highly recommend James and his work with acupuncture. He is also a very likeable and decent man.

Tom, Aldershot

During August 2018, I had an inflammation of the sciatic nerve and no medication prescribed by the doctor of the health centre was making me feel better.When I started my treatment with James I was able to feel better and fight the pain. Acupuncture was the only thing that solved it and I have a lot to thank James for my recovery. I really recommend James’s Acupuncture treatments.

Celia, Aldershot

I haven’t had a migraine since March and I’m loving the freedom. I’m feeling less concerned when I go out for a day or weekend that I’m going to be struck down by a migraine. So I want to say ‘Thank you’ to you!

Pam, Farnborough

18 months of pain. Doctors, chiropractors and osteopaths had had little impact but two sessions with James Davidson have changed everything and I am happy knowing that there is more that we can resolve. Life changing stuff folks!

Angus, Cove

I have had neck and shoulder pain for years and someone mentioned having acupuncture. I have had four sessions of acupuncture with James and i am pain free. I also feel so much better in myself. James is very professional and I cannot recommend him enough.

Karen, Farnborough

I was not sure if acupuncture would work for me. James literally worked a miracle on my shoulder that had been busted for months. Highly recommended this guy.

Ellis, Farnborough

Seen James for a couple months now and my pain has virtually gone. I went to him with extreme pain down my sciatic nerve and the entire time we’ve been working together he’s has been amazing, his manor with me is like we’ve been friends for years and he takes a real interest in how you’re getting on. He even helps deal with the stress I carry just day to day also. Even if you’re a little scared of acupuncture you should at least go in for a consult with James to have your nerves settled, I’ve been to a lot of therapists for problems over the years but none have been like James. Top bloke.

Rory, Aldershot

I had complex health problems for over 6 years and I’d seen specialists, doctors and alternative therapies without any real success. My mother-in-law recommended James as he had done wonders for her sciatic pain. When you’re in pain and discomfort it is worth pursuing all avenues to try to resolve health issues. James spent the time to understand my health history and he gave me confidence that he would be able to help me. After the first session, I saw improvement which amazed me as my health was declining month-on-month. After a few sessions, I really started to feel the benefits both physically as well as emotionally. I would recommend anyone to see James if they’ve got a health issue that they can’t resolve with traditional western medicine.

James, Hartley Wintney

Took my 15-year-old daughter to see James as she suffered so badly each month with cramps and extreme hormone imbalances. After 2 sessions this all changed. Her monthly cycle now comes and goes with no pain and is a lot lighter than it was. She also seems a lot calmer in her overall well-being. Thank you James.

James is a skilled and thoughtful practitioner. He used acupuncture to help with my chronic problems, which are so vague and diffuse that regular doctors cannot cope.  One day I looked up and found that I was much better.

John, Godalming

My mother went along to see James as she had been suffering for some time with an awful pain down her leg which was causing her much discomfort let alone sleepless nights. This was resolved after just a couple of visits. I was so impressed that I went as well and I too am now out of pain.  James is a sensitive and warm person who listens and it is with that attention to detail it is no wonder he gets results.

Claire, Lightwater